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Tour Dates
April 11 Omaha, Nebraska
April 14 Kettering, Ohio
April 22 Weirton, WV
April 29 Lacey, Washington
May 1 Quincy, Illinois
May 8 Akron, Ohio
May 13 Columbus, Ohio
May 21 Grand Rapids, Michigan
June 24 Fort Worth, Texas
July 8 Grapevine, TX
July 31 Branson, Missouri
September 26 Wisconsin Dells, WI
2015 Tour Dates
January 26 Miami, Florida
January 27 Tampa, Florida
January 28 Jacksonville, Florida
January 29 Atlanta, Georgia
January 30 Birmingham, Alabama
February 13 Anchorage, Alaska
February 16 Spokane, Washington
February 17 Portland, Oregon
February 18 San Francisco, California
February 19 Bakersfield, California
February 20 San Diego, California
March 9 Billings, Montana
March 10 Boise, Idaho
March 11 Salt Lake City, Utah
March 12 Casper, Wyoming
March 13 Denver, Colorado
April 13 Fargo, North Dakota
April 14 Sioux Falls, South Dakota
April 15 Omaha, Nebraska
April 16 Wichita, Kansas
April 17 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
May 11 Woodbury, Minnesota
May 12 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
May 13 Des Moines, Iowa
May 14 Kansas City, Missouri
May 15 Little Rock, Arkansas
June 8 Aurora, Illinois
June 9 Inidanapolis, Indiana
June 10 Columbus, Ohio
June 11 Lexington, Kentucky
June 12 Nashville, Tennessee
July 20 Columbia, South Carolina
July 21 Charlotte, North Carolina
July 22 Virginia Beach, Virginia
July 23 Charleston, West Virginia
July 24 Pittsburgh, Pennsylviania
August 17 Baltimore, Maryland
August 18 Wilmington, Delaware
August 19 Newark, New Jersey
August 20 Bridgeport, Connecticut
August 21 Providence, Rhode Island
September 14 Detroit, Michigan
September 15 Cleveland, Ohio
September 16 Buffalo, New York
September 17 New York City, New York
September 18 Boston, Massachusetts
October 12 Portland, Maine
October 13 Manchester, New Hampshire
October 14 Burlington, Vermont
October 15 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
October 16 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
November 9 Reno, Nevada
November 10 Las Vegas, Nevada
November 11 Phoenix, Arizona
November 12 Albuquerque, New Mexico
November 13 El Paso, Texas
November 16 San Antonio, Texas
November 17 Houston, Texas
November 18 Fort Worth, Texas
November 19 Shreveport, Louisiana
November 20 Jackson, Mississippi
December 1 Honolulu, Hawaii
December 9 Oranjestad, Aruba
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Welcome to Phil Chalmers

Phil Chalmers is America’s Leading Authority on Juvenile Homicide and Juvenile Mass Murder, and has interviewed over 200 teen killers and school shooters, along with numerous serial killers, mass murderers, and sexual predators. The reason for these interviews is to delve into the minds of the offenders, and to explore why they killed, and if society could have stopped them. Phil has also been studying youth culture for 25 years, and is an expert in youth behavior, youth culture, and youth entertainment. Phil has been studying juvenile homicide and juvenile mass murder for 20 years, and is the author of "Inside the Mind of a Teen Killer" and "The Encyclopedia of Teen Killers."