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Whether you are trying to steer your students from destructive decisions, train your people on how to spot violent teens, educate your parents on the dangers of youth culture, or challenge your church to love the unlovable, Phil & Wendi Chalmers promise to be an engaging, powerful duo for your event!

Phil & Wendi Chalmers, authors of “Inside the Mind of a Teen Killer,” are known for:

  • Coaching parents on the real dangers facing their children
  • Being the first husband-and-wife team to interview over 100 serial killers face-to-face
  • Being America’s Leading Authority on Juvenile Homicide

Why Teens Kill

Seminar for law enforcement, school administrators, corrections officers, counselors, probation officers, social workers, or anyone who works with juveniles.

  • Teen violence: causes, warning signs & triggers
  • Violent entertainment + dangerous social media
  • School safety + homicide prevention

Format: 1 hour to full day

True Lies School Assembly

School assembly addressing topics such as substance abuse, bullying and teen violence, self-abuse and suicide, and dangerous social media

  • 7th grade and up
  • Engaging presentation for the smart phone generation
  • Train kids on online safety

Format: 1 hour

Faith-based Training

Challenge students on destructive decisions, train parents on the dangers facing their kids, and challenge congregations to love the unlovable and forgive the unforgivable.

  • Attract the unchurched and True Crime fans
  • Connect the smartphone generation with Christ
  • Share personal testimonies of unstable upbringing

Format: 1 hour to full day

Phil Chalmers has spoken for:

What audiences are saying about Phil Chalmers

  • I attended a seminar you gave in Tampa, Florida, and it was the best seminar I have ever been to.  It was like I was sitting there like a child watching Shrek 4!

    Captain Garcia Osceola Juvenile Detention Center, Florida
  • I have never witnessed a student audience respond so positively to a speaker, nor have I ever had such affirmative parental feedback from a school assembly.”  

    Bob Wilson Superintendent, Lakeview Schools, Ohio
  • There is nothing like the feeling you get when you host a seminar, and the attendees come up to you for the seminar, saying it’s the best training they have seen in twenty years.  Thanks for all you do.  

    Lt. Lawrence Waldridge Elton Police Department, Maryland


  • This book has incredible knowledge and information that is invaluable to law enforcement, school resource officers, school personnel, and parents. Every single person who is in a school environment needs to read this book, and understand that some of the most horrific crimes that are being performed are being carried out by our children.

    Officer Russ Diehl School Resource / DARE Officer, Brimfield Police Dept, Kent, Ohio
  • Phil Chalmers has actually interviewed the killers. He has corresponded with them extensively. He has exhaustively researched their crimes. There is no human being alive who knows more about these killers.

    Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman Retired U.S. Army, Murder expert, and author of Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill


Phil Chalmers

Phil has been educating teens, parents, school administrators and law enforcement for 30 years about youth culture and the dangers facing each new generation. He is a national speaker, police trainer, youth-activist, television personality and author of several powerful books including True Lies and Inside the Mind of a Teen Killer.

Phil’s work has been featured on the television series Crime Watch Daily, Killer Teens and Killer Kids. Phil is an expert on youth culture, regularly participating in large tours like Teen Mania’s Acquire the Fire, summer camp tour for Christ In Youth and the Youth Workers conference by Youth Specialties.

He’s been featured in numerous media outlets including Fox News, Newsweek magazine, and networks like Spike TV, The Biography Channel, A&E, E! Network and many more.

Wendi Chalmers

With 15 years of experience in education as a teacher and principal, Wendi Chalmers speaks about addiction, surviving abuse, and the importance health and wellness in all areas of life.  Her extensive background with middle and high school students, as well as students with special needs, makes her a unique partner for Phil’s mission to help save children and families around the country.

Wendi holds a Master’s degree in Education and Administration, sharing her passion for helping others seek their personal strengths.  Specializing now in research of social media, youth culture,and  technology, Wendi is a pro at connecting with the smart-phone-obsessed generation.


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